The leading ecological Magic Cube, with new technology as an anchor, creates more commercial value for the real world

“When technology enters the palace of art, the “new species” of NFT is sublimated. Driven by the emerging concept of NFT, we gradually see a new world…”

The repeated explosions and applications of encryption technology have narrowed the distance between encryption technology and ordinary people. In particular, emerging technologies such as DeFi and NFT continue to “break the circle”, which is like a breakthrough in the number of market users and market transaction amount. This fierce development The situation indirectly reflects the common people’s recognition of encryption technologies such as DeFi and NFT, which signifies that encryption technology has officially entered the “landing stage” and flew into the homes of ordinary people.

Driven by these encryption technologies, a variety of multi-functional and innovative encryption application platforms have emerged, which has launched an impact on traditional business models, and Magic Cube is also a member of many innovative applications.

Ecological introduction
In the prosperous crypto market, Magic Cube hopes to integrate the advantages of the real world and the encrypted world, and use NFT and DeFi as the technical anchors to provide people with a fully decentralized integrated transaction service platform. In this integrated transaction service platform , Magic Cube will solve traditional DeFi and NFT application problems, driven by innovative integration concepts, to help users more accurately capture the value of NFT and DeFi, and create a complete and reasonable open financial ecosystem and business closed loop.

At present, Magic Cube has begun the layout of Metaverse, GameFi, SocialFi and other related fields, and has successfully issued its own digital bridge pass MF. In the future, Magic Cube’s plan is to further expand related gameplay and platform expansion, making Magic Cube a leader in the new generation of encryption technology.

technical analysis
As a brand-new innovative hybrid ecology, the Magic Cube ecology has the following core advantages:

·Magic Cube cross-chain
Through the cross-chain agreement, Magic Cube can effectively break the industry island effect of NFT and DeFi, realize multi-chain and multi-ecological interconnection through cross-chain bridges, and create a more inclusive and diversified open ecosystem.

Focusing on the cross-chain bridge, Magic Cube will further promote the liquidity of ecological NFT and DeFi, which is DeFi. The development of NFT provides stronger underlying basic support and lowers the barriers to entry in the encryption industry.

·Magic Cube Oracle
The Magic Cube ecology is a deterministic and closed system. The smart contract running on Magic Cube cannot obtain data directly from the outside. It can only perform tasks in a closed and isolated environment. In order to connect Magic Cube with external To communicate with the environment, Magic Cube uses Oracle, the oracle.

Through Magic Cube Oracle, data outside the chain can be truly transmitted to the Magic Cube system to ensure the authenticity of the data on the chain and provide users with a reliable security system.

·Magic Cube NFT&DeFi structure
As a high-value target, NFT has always lacked liquidity. As a highly liquid financial ecosystem, DeFi lacks anchoring of the value target. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. In order to realize the integration of the advantages of DeFi and NFT, Magic Cube introduces “structural thinking”, empowers the value of NFT to DeFi, and empowers the liquidity of DeFi to NFT, through the combination of the two values, creating a one-stop shop The NFT and DeFi application service stacks provide users with diversified functions such as DeFi pledge mining, NFT issuance management, etc., and transform NFT and DeFi from the hard-to-reach sky towers to more practical application scenarios.

By learning from traditional DeFi and NFT platforms, Magic Cube has made more technological breakthroughs, and Magic Cube is currently dealing with a period of rapid development. There is still a lot of room for imagination in terms of technology, product landing, and innovation. I believe Magic Cube will Will be driven by technology, with innovation as the concept, to promote future industry changes in NFT and DeFi.

Token Economic Model
Magic Cube issued the platform governance token MF as the project governance token, and first listed on the CoinList and Binance, with a total of 190 million issued.

·The distribution ratio is:
CoinList public offering: 9.1%
Early-stage private placement: 11.9%
Token Foundation: 5%
Founding team: 5%
DeFi mining: 69%

·MF, as the Magic Cube bridge value token, has multiple advantages:

Can be used for staking to obtain long-term value benefits;
Gather consensus, maintain participation in Magic Cube ecological governance and voting;
Can experience and purchase Magic Cube ecological application services;
Create, issue, use, and manage NFTs in MagicCube;
Deduct the GAS of Magic Cube network;
Enjoy other value airdrops or industrial dividends provided by the Magic Cube network.

Magic Cube’s entire ecology escorts the development of MF, especially the deflation mechanism based on DeFi and NFT, which empowers MF to move towards a path of stable value growth.

Magic Cube provides users with numerous NFT and DeFi application scenarios. Therefore, the frequency of MF usage will be greatly increased. According to the economic distribution model of MF, 69% of MF will be produced through mining, and the previous MF output will be It will be high demand and low flow, which promoted the value transition of MF in the early stage in disguise.

Secondly, with the activation of Magic Cube’s multiple ecological repurchase and destruction mechanisms, MF will have many repurchase and destruction links, and multiple deflation mechanisms will become the “ballast stone” for the increase in MF prices, pushing MF towards value deflation. Bring considerable dividends to MF holders.

Magic Cube market public opinion
At present, NFT and DeFi, as popular fried chicken, have extremely high popularity in the entire encryption market. Similarly, Magic Cube, as a new ecological NFT comprehensive transaction service platform, has also attracted the attention of many users around the world, and has a strong presence in the entire encryption industry. Has a certain right to speak.

Secondly, as the first innovative platform to accommodate NFT and DeFi, Magic Cube has also been favored by many users, especially the first CoinList and Binance tokens MF, which attracted a lot of attention.

In the global market, Magic Cube is very popular, but there is still room for improvement in overall performance. Therefore, we still need to make more efforts to accelerate the globalization of Magic Cube and deepen the influence of products.

Magic Cube future outlook
Different from most encryption projects, Magic Cube, as a new generation of innovative products, uses DeFi and NFT as the conceptual guidance, and provides targeted solutions to the industry pain points that have plagued NFT and DeFi for a long time. The original NFT is based on the organic integration of DeFi and NFT. +The DeFi integration model adds a few more variables to the entire encryption industry.

At the product level, Magic Cube has created a one-stop NFT and DeFi integrated transaction service platform to meet the increasingly diversified encryption needs of users; at the value level, the development route of value deflation has empowered MF with huge growth space, and even become the next A generation of hundred times currency is also very possible. Whether it’s product innovation or technological iteration, Magic Cube has something remarkable. The reasonable ecological structure also allows Magic Cube to blossom in NFT and DeFi. As long as there is a breakthrough in one aspect, it will also Drive another aspect to climb.

On the whole, Magic Cube is worth looking forward to. Perhaps it will combine a number of new technologies such as NFT and DeFi to reshape the traditional business economy and create more business value!