The rise of perfect DEFI ecology MUSO certificate is inevitable

Best John
5 min readFeb 9, 2021

Looking back on the heat brought by the 2020 DEFI, the blockchain market is surging, and many new DEFI projects appear in the market, but most of them are annihilated in the market. The reason is that bad money drives out good market ecology, investors smash.Project side running, low income, handling fees and other black swan events in DEFI projects emerge in endlessly.

The project side has been hanging in the hearts of ordinary investors a heavy stone, the white paper to write a good card will be used, but finally the team’s own hand after the sale of the card quietly left the field, Let all the investors involved in the project suffer losses.

Investors in the card unlock after the “smashing” is not new, since 2017 block chain bull market, investors have been used to smashing the plate, public investors spit complaints also powerless, this problem has not been a good solution. Many very potential projects have been invested by well-known investors, originally a smooth journey, but the time to unlock is also difficult to escape investors smashing, so that the project vitality.

Many DEFI project incompetence make it possible for many beautiful visions of the block chain 4.0 era, from fundamentally changing the original industry logic to solving the pain point of project execution in the block chain era. Make “subversive” revolutionary “creative” in the block chain 3.0 era still stay as a stage slogan, resulting in project collapse, investors lose money.
From the two aspects of “security, mechanism “, this paper will interpret, MUSO different, contribute a little theory to investors’ decision-making.

MUSO Interpretation

MUSO financial platform value-added certificate: it is a new generation of DEFI public chain — — muso public chain issued decentralized value currency, developed and managed by the MUSO DAO, is a decentralized financial (DeFi) circulation digital currency. Application to the MUSO financial platform of the decentralized chain to change ecology: insurance model, pledge model, mining model, with complete market attributes, the value of certification changes with the change of market supply and demand.
Total MUSO: MUS O 10 million Main Chain: MUSO Public Chain
MUSO issue price: USDT 0.1
MUSO consensus mechanism: VDPoS (DPoS +pBFT) consensus algorithm

MUSO wind control model (safety)

A wind control model — — the premise element of ten thousand times market value.

Technical wind control:

DeFi trust construction inevitably faces various risks such as liquidity risk, volatility risk, contract risk, etc. At the same time, there is a lack of tools and means like traditional financial markets to hedge these risks. Therefore, at the beginning of the product, the risk needs to be verified, quantified and iterated by model.

Therefore, the best measures to DEFI wind control MUSO Macedonia block chain distributed financial platform:

Independent public chain, the introduction of multiple assets.

Current DeFi rely on Ethernet ecology, often limited by the underlying performance of Ethernet. Ethernet Square is an application development platform with many applications in its chain. DeFi application needs to compete for system resources with other applications, which greatly affects the operation of DeFi products. With the limitation of cross-chain technology, the DeFi in Ethernet can only be carried out around ERC20 tokens, while in ERC20, the Token of sufficient circulation and application is limited to ETH,, which leads to the great limitation of DeFi in wind control.

MUSO is an independent main chain dedicated to DeFi service. All resources in its chain serve DeFi products, and no unrelated applications compete for precious system resources on the chain.

These products are composed of a certain amount of intelligent contracts, which make use of the functions provided by the digital assets flowing MUSO the public chain and the MUSO public chain to realize the same functions as the traditional financial instruments.

Different R & D teams can develop different products, and different products can be nested together, like building blocks, giving DeFi the reputation of digital Lego.MUSO will establish a unified audit mechanism and contract standards on DeFi products, strengthen the compatibility between various products, lay a solid foundation for the DeFi ecology of the MUSO, and realize the strongest wind control of the DEFI ecology.

Financial wind control:

MUSO DAO governance
MUSO DAO full name MUSO Decentralized Autonomous Organization, expressed as MUSO public chain decentralized autonomous organizations.
DAO is a cloud-like tool that writes real organizations and rules in smart contracts, then runs openly and impartially, MUSO financial opening DAO to govern, unlike associations or foundations. DAO is a non-profit organization that MUSO community governance, implementing the only real solution to minimize centralization and improving the quality of smart contracts.
No large smashing, no operator running.

Equivalent to the central community operation of conventional DEFI projects, MUSO platform more secure, independent control of assets.

MUSO Deflation Model (Mechanism)

MUSO market value model — — deflation mechanism.
DEFI liquidity agreement double linkage!
1. through the provision of USDT, start the MUSO DEFI liquidity mining agreement, daily mining USDM platform coins;
2. platform coin provision is to start the MUSO flow protocol to carry out the platform coin deflation environment;
3. through the platform coin supply, daily dig out MUSO, realize the rapid growth of wealth.

During this process, according to the intelligent contract, the MUSO in the circulation process is destroyed, the chain deflation is carried out, and the mechanism of proof pull up is formed:
1. pledge mining plate, all pledged USDM platform certification part to USDT return, part to USDM return, USDM form a deflation model, corresponding, excavated mineral MUSO is more and more precious;
2.MUSO the online exchange, users from the MUSO platform to the exchange, the handling fee is MUSO coins, all through the intelligent contract into the destruction pool destruction;
3.MUSO in the platform converted into USDM platform currency, handling fee for MUSO currency, all destroyed.

Through the above MUSO destruction model, for the MUSO of the currency price escort, the formation of a pull-up mechanism, to create the strongest market value model!

MUSO ten thousand times the increase is nothing more than two conditional factors: deflation and wind control.
Under the dual mechanism of wind control and deflation, the MUSO financial ecology has entered a positive cycle, the MUSO certificate is becoming more and more scarce, the market is in short supply, and the road of ten thousand times opens!
Let’s wait and see!