The world’s first DeFi&NFT platform is coming soon. What surprises will it bring to the blockchain world?

Best John
3 min readMar 29, 2021


The blockchain world is changing too fast, and hotspots are cyclically changing. Since last year, DeFi has gradually entered the public eye, and the locked-up volume (TVL) of DeFi assets has repeatedly hit new highs. According to the professional DeFi data statistics management website debank, as of now, the total amount of DeFi assets locked up has reached 60 billion US dollars.

[Data from DeBank]

The world of NFT is also not to be underestimated. The full name of NFT is Non-Fungible Token, and its ownership is transferred on the chain (such as Ethereum). Currently, NFT uses blockchain distributed database technology to create ownership certificates of any type of digital goods. NFT is unique and indivisible. Every NFT is unique and cannot be separated. These two points coincide with the characteristics of artworks.

When the time comes to 2020, Beeple (a graphic designer Mike Winkelmann with 1.8 million followers in Instagram) received an invitation from the blockchain art website Nifty Gateway, hoping that he would generate his work on the website as an NFT for sale. Beeple, who knew nothing about Bitcoin at the time, thought he had encountered a liar and ignored it. He only started to participate when he learned that some artists made money on this platform. In December last year, he held his first auction, and 22 works were bought for 3.5 million US dollars. His <Everydays: The First 5000 Days> won the third highest auction price of a living artist: US$69.346 million!

Everydays: The First 5000 Days/Beeple

What kind of chemical reaction will NFT have with DeFi?

According to Carbon’s official community news, Carbon (, the world’s first DeFi+NFT platform, will be available soon. It will use BSC (Binance Smart Chain) to create a unique cross-age blockchain platform.

The platform will open four stages of mining, namely:

CarbonSlot game mining


Carbon Cash algorithm stable currency and liquidity mining

NFT collectibles mining

Judging from the complexity of its products and the wide range of products, the platform’s ambitions are very large, and the team’s technical strength must be superior, and the project’s tokens also have a lot of room for imagination.

The world of blockchain is changing with each passing day, and there are many inferior products among them. has seized the pain points in the market and made sufficient preparations and long-term layout. It is bound to become a new star of the blockchain.