Trister’s Lend Public Beta Campaign is about to start, with Millions of USDT Airdrops to Participate and Enjoy

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5 min readAug 11, 2021

London, UK — Recently, the decentralized Lend track has another rookie. The decentralized Lend product Trister’s Lend will launch HECO on August 10, and open a 10-day public test activity. It also launched a curators airdrop program to airdrop the equivalent of 1 million USDT. Users who participate in Trister’s Lend public beta will have the opportunity to receive airdrop reward worth 200USDT for each person; After finding the problem and adopting by the technical team, you can also get the airdrop reward worth 1000USDT, and more rewards are available in Trister’s Lend public beta!

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Trister’s Lend originated from Trister community. Based on Trister’s Lend protocol, Trister’s Lend provides financial financing channels for community members. Based on smart contract technology and fund supply and demand relationship, this protocol provides fast and intelligent capital turnover service for community users. In Trister’s Lend protocol, users themselves are the owners of funds, and users have complete control and ownership of their own funds, and users can freely enter and exit from the decentralized network.

Why did Trister’s Lend choose the Lend Track?
1. Lend is a necessity
In the traditional financial context, Lend is an important way for the poor to circulate funds, and an important means and tool for the rich to redistribute and manage assets. Lend is also one of the best levers smart people have on their way to wealth. In the context of on-chain finance, decentralized Lend has been endowed with a new meaning, and its functionality and flexibility have been infinitely expanded. Lend is also one of the best levers smart people use on their way to wealth. In the context of on-chain finance, decentralized Lend has been endowed with a new meaning, and its functionality and flexibility have been infinitely expanded.

2. Strong performance in Lend tokens
The loan protocol AAVE is one of DeFi’s fastest horses, with AAVE’s daily active wallet growing by 1886% in 2020. LEND token grew 1,651% in 2020, followed by Compound. But the two established Lend protocols are not dominating the decentralised Lend market, and Trister’s Lend still has plenty of room to grow. Compared with AAVE and Compound, Trister’s Lend has an effective interest rate mechanism to offset the fluctuation and carrying cost. Moreover, after technical iteration, Trister’s Lend uses the industry-leading security and upgradable system architecture, which can flexibly upgrade each system module under the decentralized governance management system to realize function iteration and security update, which greatly improve the product experience and maintainability.

What are the advantages of Trister’s Lend?
1. User advantage
Trister’s Lend originated in the Trister community. The Trister community has had a large community membership since its inception in 2020, and Trister’s Lend naturally has a large number of supporters. For community users, putting their idle funds into Trister’s Lend is a safe and low-risk financial behavior.

2. Security advantages
Trister’s Lend’s pool of Lend funds is hosted in smart contracts, executed automatically according to code, and no third party or individual can access the funds. A total of 15,000 lines of Trister’s Lend code have passed the contract security audit of Cetik, a well-known audit institutions, to ensure that the Trister’s Lend protocol can be safely executed.

Trister’s Lend technical team borrowed from the existing effective ways and mechanisms of global traditional banks and other finance. In the research and development of Trister’s Lend’s product economic model, the risk reserve mechanism was added to serve as the capital safety reserve in extreme cases. In order to evaluate whether the user account is safe, Trister’s Lend protocol also designs a health factor factor to evaluate the borrower’s account security, reduce the collateral liquidation risk, and ensure the security of the capital pool.

3. Efficiency advantage
Different from the traditional peer-to-peer protocol that matches borrowers and lenders, Trister’s Lend adopts the capital pool model. The capital pool collects the deposit assets of each user to provide better liquidity and ensure the balance of the capital system, which greatly improves the matching efficiency of loan orders and reduces the entry threshold of users. Users can earn income by depositing assets, and the deposit can be used for mining. At the same time, users can borrow assets from the platform with a low threshold.

4. Application advantages
Community users can use Trister SmartNFT equity mining pool to gain and enjoy acceleration privileges, which can be superimposed by locking token TWFI to gain higher mining acceleration ratio.

5. High yields
Assets have time value, and Trister’s Lend allows lenders and borrowers to achieve an intertemporal value exchange through interest. Trister’s Lend flexibly supports global hot assets such as USDT, ETH, HT and so on, providing users with more revenue portfolio.

In Trister’s Lend, you can become a depositor and place your restricted assets in an protocol to earn interest.
In Trister’s Lend, you can become a borrower and get a higher income through the short-term use of borrowed fund.
In Trister’s Lend, you can become a miner. Trister’s Lend adopts a two-way mining mechanism. No matter you are a depositor or a borrower, you can get the TWFI token mining income of Trister’s Lend protocol.
In Trister’s Lend, you can become the liquidator, clearing user funds that fall below the health factor threshold to avoid losses to the fund pool, and the liquidator can receive a liquidator bonus.

For each loan capital pool in Trister’s Lend protocol, there is a capital utilization rate to achieve the use efficiency of the capital pool. The higher the use efficiency of capital is, the depositor can get the best deposit interest rate, and the borrower can also get the best loan interest rate. In addition, community members with Trister SmartNFT will become pool owners and receive accelerators based on the amount of TWFT oil locked on the Trister SmartNFT. Users can put their “deposit/loan” funds into Trister’s Lend protocol through Trister SmartNFT to obtain higher mining income.

In general, Trister’s Lend protocol can maximize the mining revenue for DeFi users. Trister’s Lend economic model has passed layers of verification, and under the action of multiple mechanisms such as risk reserves and health factors, Trister’s Lend can operate for a long time. When the user wants to participate in the liquidity mining of DeFi project and the funds are insufficient, or when the user needs to improve the utilization rate of funds, or when the high leverage slide point loss is too high, then Trister’s Lend is your ideal choice. Trister’s Lend offers a variety of products to help users use their fund more efficiently.

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