Unicorn Wealth Glory set sail at DEFI Track, Unlock the wealth code with a new pose

Best John
4 min readMar 15, 2023

In recent years, DEFI plays the leading role in many fields of blockchain. With the increasing market value of crypto assets, more and more funds will enter the DEFI field in the next few years. DEFI is certainly a disruptive idea. DEFI has solved the difficulty of transferring assets from one decentralized system to another, and can provide a robust and efficient solution for asset regeneration and re-distribution for a larger market capitalization capital market. Once users have confidence in a decentralized financial system, its potential is limitless.

Wealth is an intelligent DeFi credit pledge platform developed based on open source Squid and combined with P2P and DAO technologies. It is also one of the public economy service applications under the Hope Foundation. The main purpose is to seamlessly connect assets on blockchain with real assets, while providing standardized, one-stop services to maximize the legal tokability of valuable content and things in any industry, and also try to integrate all existing functions of the same structure to provide remittance, mobile money, discounts and transaction services. Provide users with unique and feasible alternatives to traditional methods.

Hope Foundation has been studying digital capital management theory for a long time, carrying out the exploration spirit of astronomers to study the universe, focusing on combing and restructuring the complex financial environment with modern commercial and financial theories. Hope Foundation founder Bruce. Mr Khanna thinks that the complexity of the current financial environment is similar to the way chaotic stars work, so he aims to prove financial phenomena through higher cosmic civilisations.

By utilizing its own technical resources, Wealth has developed the AI engine of Interplanetary Investment Research, which uses the composite decision Lightning network. By integrating a decision layer network and an executive layer network into the same set of distributed system and sharing nodes, it can achieve deep linkage and make the Lightning network more intelligent, so as to realize advanced routing functions such as matching exchange requests and payment requests. You can also use rule design to keep the network topology healthy and efficient, avoiding centralized nodes. In Wealth’s system, the DeFi protocol for each link is open, and any individual or organization can access and use it without barriers.

At the same time, Wealth has also written the way of repayment of principal and interest, insurance claim settlement conditions and distribution method of performance into the blockchain smart contract. The system automatically maintains and executes the reception terms, and at the same time provides a certain degree of claim settlement guarantee for the blockchain smart contract. Wealth relies on the elliptic curve algorithm and uses digital assets of stable value as the pricing currency to provide customers with a variety of trading options. The compliance operation of decentralized exchanges and Wealth Interplanetary network complement each other, providing smooth experience across the platform and making transactions more convenient for users. Information is distributed on a blockchain, making assets more secure.

By providing users with a series of investment strategies in real time or assisting users in asset management, both individual investors and investment institutions can achieve excess returns and shine on Wealth’s platform. Most importantly, Wealth will encourage all participants who jointly practice DeFi ecology to achieve true mutual benefit and win-win results, promote the healthy and compliant development of the entire blockchain ecosystem, and promote the application and innovation of blockchain technology.

Wealth has been looking at the DEFI sector for a long time and has done a thorough analysis of the DEFI sector. Through three years of active exploration of DEFI finance, Wealth has completed the construction of Wealth DEFI ecology, digital wallet, exchange, lending and other DEFI basic products. In Wealth’s world, there is no fake Defi data. We have completely abandoned the centralized server, and we have fully empowered the community of users to implement distributed governance and strictly regulate the power boundaries of the entire governance structure.

The concept of DeFi has been proposed for more than three years. It can be said that an unstoppable trend is sweeping the world, and the new development of decentralized trading has ushered in an unprecedented outbreak. We believe that with the strong linkage of the new era and technology, Wealth will surely become the DeFi future with the most interoperable, expandable and infinite combination possibilities, and set off a new wave of enthusiasm in the existing DEFI track and financial environment!