VSTMEX, The Global Inclusive Digital Asset Trading Platform, Is Participating in The 2022 London Contracts Exchange!

Best John
3 min readMar 7, 2022

On February 25, 2022, the 2022 London Contract Trading Exhibition organized by the Investor Conference (UK) Ltd. concluded successfully at the Novotel West London, where attendees participated in a wealthy journey with the theme of contract trading combined with hands-on demonstrations!

This conference shared how to maximize profitability through contract trading. Through trading seminars, live trading demonstrations, free workshops, group sessions, interactive exhibitions and some of the best speakers from around the world, it was an unforgettable day at the London Trading Show.

At the show, VSTMEX was invited to introduce the mission and vision of the platform to the attendees. It is reported that VSTMEX is an inclusive digital asset trading service platform, where anyone can get bonus money by doing tasks and get their first bitcoin in life by trading bitcoin contracts and bitcoin options!

If you want to start a business, but lack of funds and resources, it does not matter. The VSTMEX platform’s task sign-up system can channel a steady stream of traffic to you, and you can earn up to tens of thousands of dollars a day in commissions from them! Without investing a penny, you can set up your own business empire!

In addition, VSTMEX provides users with the opportunity to learn how to invest and trade. Whether you are a short-term investor or have a longer-term investment horizon, VSTMEX’s instruction will make you feel more knowledgeable, more educated, and more prepared to transform your investment portfolio and investment plan into the perfect solution for harvesting wealth in the market.

VSTMEX brings together all aspects of the digital investment and trading industry with the core objective of creating an inclusive, educational and rewarding platform for digital asset investors. It allows users to learn new skills and techniques within the platform to maximize your investment and trading returns.

About Conference

The London Contract Exchange offers investors a suite of independent investment and financial training through seminars, free workshops and conferences, group discussions and interviews, company presentations and live trading demonstrations, all designed to help attendees optimize their trading and investing for maximum returns.

Attending the London Investor Show is also a great way to reconnect with other like-minded investors and traders; work with companies that can help you succeed; and share their hard-earned knowledge with speakers and mentors.



Vstmex — Free for everyone in the world to own a BTC of their own


Through the completion of the Vstmex learning platform tasks, so that more people understand digital asset trading, learning digital asset trading, popular participation in digital asset trading, through the way no investment to allow users to earn more BTC


Let labor and learning be transformed into revenue real gifts to users

Let traffic and content transform into value real feedback to users

Let capital and technology be transformed into tools to provide real services to users

Business Philosophy:

To inject user traffic into the VSTMEX inclusive digital asset trading platform through an open, interactive and social learning platform

Earn bitcoins on the VSTMEX inclusive digital asset trading platform by completing learning tasks and being rewarded with dollars

Through the user traffic and system construction, provide users with a better, higher quality, lower threshold entrepreneurial profit environment