“Walk with the Giants, Set Off in Brilliance” Aplex V.A. and PunkPanda Successfully Signed

On August 19, 2020, Aplex V.A. Limited (AVA), a global finance advisory institution, held a signing ceremony with the theme of “Walk with the Giants, Set Off in Brilliance” to establish a strategic partnership with PunkPanda, a military-grade encrypted communication application built on blockchain technology and EC Algorithm (ECA), a company with the foundation of cryptocurrency blockchain technology. In order to meet the needs of pandemic prevention and control, the signing ceremony was broadcast live by ZOOM. The ceremony was graced by distinguished representatives from Aplex V.A., PunkPanda, and EC Algorithm (ECA). Aplex V.A. was represented by CEO Kyle Grandham, COO Carl Ronny, Limestone CEO Vladimir Lem, IBH Investment Bank financial advisor Dato’ Howard Choo, regional CSO David Liew, regional CMO Jayden Wong, and regional CTO Jack Yow. PunkPanda was represented by co-founder Staale Fossberg, co-founder Fahim Sadar, CMO Afshin E. Rifat, CTO Chris Cotton, and CISO Marc Weintraub. Co-founder Matthew Connelly represented ECA at the event.

Kyle Grandham, CEO of AVA, said, “Since its establishment, AVA has won the trust and support of global investors for our people-oriented culture, management with integrity, future-oriented leadership, and creative development and we help our clients to raise the value of their investments. With the development of Internet big data, the problem of communications security is becoming more and more serious. PunkPanda is the only military-grade encrypted communication application on the market built on blockchain technology,and its potential is immeasurable. With the development of blockchains and digital currencies, the trading of digital assets will become the biggest demand of current investors. We are delighted to reach a strategic partnership with PunkPanda and ECA, and we are expected to bring great benefits, not just to our organisations, but also to everyone present today. “

PunkPanda is a great leap in network communications with enhanced security and functionality. It has adopted stronger secure communications cybersecurity solutions to reduce inherent and system risks.All these technologies are based on a strong operation and R&D team,they master the most advanced core technologies in the industry.

Fahim Sadar, Co-founder of PunkPanda, also made an in-depth analysis of the functional advantages of PunkPanda. He said,”PunkPanda has created a multi-functional communication system based on blockchain to meet the five daily communication security needs of users, including chat, mail, video meeting, data storage and e-wallet. No one can unencrypt a file without use of custom private keys, and our app. Not even us.”

Fahim Sadar also stated that “ The reason why PunkPanda is known as an indestructible military-grade encrypted communication application is that PunkPanda can help users store information securely in a decentralised manner.When transmitting information, it uses 256-bit encryption to carry out more than five layers of security control from three aspects of data, users and environment to prevent network information from fraud and theft,PunkPanda security system will also customize deep AI learning security controls to prevent hackers from invading within microseconds. It guarantees the safety of user data by the most comprehensive and strict secure communication solution in the world.”

Matthew Connelly, Co-founder of ECA, said, “ We have full confidence in PunkPanda based on its strong advantages in network information security and strong recognition from users. The PunkPanda ecosystem uses ECC as its payment solution. ECC, a listed digital asset, has an innovative algorithm (ECA) that rewards users according to promotion and usage strength. It is expected that the number of users will reach 600 million,and the total circulation will exceed 3 billion in the next six years.With the global penetration of PunkPanda, ECC’s value will show explosive growth.”

At the end of the signing ceremony, AVA announced the successful investment of 500 million ECC. In the future, AVA will carry through the mission together with PunkPanda and ECA to protect communications security for everyone.

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