YMIR’s DeFi Swiss seminar

Best John
3 min readJul 24, 2021


In the past year, the occurrence of worldwide events and the instability of paying close attention to the market led to a surge in blockchain activities. The whole digital market has entered the most volatile period so far. DeFi(Decentralized Finance), a revolutionary innovation wave, is leading the global digital development and is also facing a huge test.
Centralized finance is ubiquitous in the blockchain industry. In such an unprecedented change, YMIR challenged the third revolutionary innovation of blockchain.

At 2: 00 pm on July 23rd, the YMIR seminar held in BRISTOL, Bern, Switzerland came to an end.
YMIR began with dissatisfaction with the low efficiency and limited application of traditional centralized computers and traditional ecology, aiming to build a virtual blockchain computer network by using P2P network computing resources and build YMIR swap with the concept of supercomputer. YMIR (Ymir Network) is committed to creating a decentralized financial system.

It is reported that YMIR will create a “supercomputer”. That is, a blockchain computing system with unlimited computing and unlimited expansion, and build YMIR swap through an expanded and strengthened ecosystem.
Relevant persons indicated in the seminar that YMIR will start from the underlying construction, through the most advanced technology finance and blockchain technology to design a high-efficiency YPOS consensus, establish a real-world financial data that can be traced and verified, and submit the data to the smart contract in an encrypted way, providing scalable components suitable for liquidity management, on-chain and off-chain scenario integration. Moreover, YMIR supports inter-blockchain decentralized trading and exchange service system, providing users with a more open, fair and just decentralized and sustainable financial ecology. YMIR generates a more reliable and secure DeFi platform, providing the foundation layer of financial facilities tools for the booming DeFi eco-application.

YMIR is the next generation ecological pioneer of decentralized systems. It is an efficient, blockchain network system. The YMIR swap is built with the concept of a supercomputer, which can scale without limit and can carry any number of smart contracts to calculate and store any amount of data. the YMIR system creates an integrated DeFi series of tool flows at the application level. Traditional financial instruments can obtain basic data and transaction ability through relevant supporting tools, and generate SWAP protocol with better stability and security, which has a wide range of application scenarios.

The workshop was a harbinger of things to come, as YMIR will build a more open, fair and equitable decentralized financial ecosystem, allowing data from various industries to integrate with each other to meet the growing demand for DEFI innovation, while creating a more complete and richer ecosystem.

On August 2, the YMIR seminar will be held at the Edo Sakura Hotel in Tokyo, Japan. On August 10, the YMIR seminar will be held at the Beekman Thompson Hotel in New York, USA, and many more smeinars will be announced.