ZT Club in conversation with the official DOGBOSS team: A vision of the value of DOGBOSS

Best John
3 min readAug 2, 2022

On July 25, 10:00 Singapore time, the official team of DOGBOSS made a guest appearance at ZT Club to share DOGBOSS with users and look forward to the value vision of DOGBOSS. At the beginning of the AMA, the team introduced users to the basic information about DOGBOSS. Behind the name of DOGBOSS lies an interesting story about dogs and the universe, hoping that all people will be happy and earn some passive income through our boss — DogBoss, whose mission is to bring the popular cryptocurrency concept into the mainstream. The team also introduces users to next generation concepts such as participation rewards, NFT, decentralized multi-chain exchanges, apps, multiverse games, etc.

DOGBOSS is the core token of the project, a BEP-20 token with a burning mechanism, where 5% of each transaction (2% burn and 3% goes to the staking pool) is burned, which makes the project deflationary.

DOGBOSS is building a decentralized trading platform — DogBossSwap. The platform allows trading between holders and good projects have the opportunity to be listed in DogBossSwap. There are no centralized points like (Doge, SHIB, Floki, BabyDoge) or others.

As far as users are concerned, it is especially important to understand the value of investing in the token DOGBOSS, Dog Boss has a strong team, partners and investors. The project does not accept money from ordinary traders. On the contrary, investors of DOGBOSS even buy from them. This leads to a price increase even in a bear market.

In addition to this, DOGBOSS combines DeFi, Multichain and Metaverse. in addition, the team is creating technology for the token to become even more powerful. DOGBOSS has a complete ecosystem that will make us a long-term project that will bring value back to our users and will also build a truly loyal and strong community.

The white paper shows that 20 million DOGBOSS tokens are blocked on a smart contract that is gradually unlocked by 3% each month. The blocked tokens when unlocked will be used to launch DOGBOSS’ Metaverse and our own blockchain. The team will also need additional tokens to grow tokenomics, which is a reserve for large investors, and funds. Proudly, many people with very large capital are bullish on DOGBOSS and the team plans to be in the top 100 of CoinMarketCap.

As of now, DOGBOSS has only launched a farming play for game tokens, and after 5,000 token holders, 3% of each transaction will be used for wagering. Users will be able to mine SHIB, Doge, BabyDoge, Floki and for the next month, the team is planning to use DogBoss for promotional purposes.

In the future, DOGBOSS also has plans for dog games and Nft series. 2D series is ready, and 3D online is immediately in the countdown.

Near the end of this AMA, DOGBOSS team introduced the future plans of the project for users, which will focus on layout of multichain bridge, apps, 2D and 2D NFT multiverse games, partnership and development of our community.

There is a lot of information about DOGBOSS on YouTube, users can buy to get DOGBOSS at DEX or CEX, for DEX, for example DogBoss swap, Pancake swap, for CEX, for example Bitforex, and more importantly, DOGBOSS will be available on July 25, 2022 at 9:00 ( UTC) on ZT.

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