ZT Club Talks to EVCoin Founder A On: A Vision of Everest Coin’s Value

Best John
5 min readJul 29, 2022


At 13:00 Singapore time on July 21, EVCoin Founder A On was a guest of ZT Club, sharing Everest Coin with users and looking forward to the vision of Everest Coin’s value.

AMA began with A On introducing users to basic information about Everest Coin, a “play and earn” GameFi program that rewards community members through their activity in the community. the main GameFi program behind EverestCoin is PeakXV, a thrilling survival GTA-style play and earn game. Still in development, the game is nearing completion and regular official updates will be posted on the PeakXV channel.

EVCoin is the native token of the EverestCoin and PeakXV ecosystem. To gain access to game play and rewards, one must be part of the community, i.e., purchase and HODLing EVCoin tokens. These tokens will unlock user access to the PeakXV game.

When asked whether it is possible to buy EVCoin tokens in the current bear market, A On excitedly said that of course it is possible, for four main reasons:

1. EverestCoin is truly a Community Project.

The community owns it and controls it. For instance, every major decisions made is run through the community first and they make a decision on the outcome through a poll.

This give everyone a sense of ownership and presents a democratic atmosphere.

2. Rewards: You’re rewarded for holding EVCoin in many ways.

Starting from our weekly lottery campaign which will be restarted in the coming weeks, random airdrops, our ongoing Trading Competition as well as our famous free NFT claims, we reward EVCoin holders through many ways.

3. Trust: Since our launch at 21 September, 2021, we’ve earned the trust of members of our community by putting them first in all our decision making.

This has endeared them to us, making EVCoin HODLers feel safe with their investment in the token.

4. Hard-working team: Our team consists of some of the most hard-working individuals you will come across in the crypto space.

Even with the harsh bear-market, we didn’t disappear like most crypto project’s team did, but we stuck with our guns and continued to build and provide value to the community.

As A On said, EVCoin has many reasons for users to follow it in a bear market.democratic atmosphere, lots of rewards, Trust, and a strong and responsible team… These reasons alone, will get you involved in their program. Have faith in EVCoin, it’s going to be a great project

Immediately afterwards, A On provided an overview of the transfer rules for EVCoin tokens, with a 10% fee for each transfer made within the address. These fees also apply to our purchases and sales, and they allow us to fund our marketing and development activities.

Officials are currently developing NFTs, gamefi, and LOTTERY. NFTs and lotteries are reward systems to compensate community members for purchasing and holding EVCoin tokens. NFTs are in-game characters and assets that help players progress when fighting enemy characters or tackling challenges. These character NFTs can be purchased or acquired for free from trading events.

The weekly sweepstakes puts EVCoin buyers into a draw for a chance to win one thousand dollars ($1,000) per week if they purchase 0.2 BNB worth of EVCoin immediately after selling. Due to the market downturn, the sweepstakes has been temporarily suspended, but will be restarted in the coming days with new adjustments to the reward payouts as the market performs.

The GameFi project PeakXV is on track to be completed and a demo may be released in the next few months, updates on the game can be followed on T.me/PeakXV.

The official game is not yet officially live and is currently in development mode. The team has already pilot tested the initial demo at a cost of 500,000 EVCoin tokens. However, the cost is not fixed and once the full version of the game is available, the final fee will be released and widely publicized.

A On said there are no official plans to launch new tokens, NFT, gamefi and LOTTERY are the hubs for EVCoin to interface with the Ethereum chain, progress has been made on the launch of the EVCoin Eth bridge, and contemporary tokens will be announced on Telegram and Twitter channels in time when they become available on the Ethereum chain.

EVCoin has a simple burning mechanism that sends 1% of every transaction to a burning wallet, and as of today, almost 18% of the entire supply has been burned thanks to this mechanism.

Holding EVCoin tokens as a long-term investment rewards the platform with many benefits, “Our community reward system puts our holders first. We recently made some rewards for holders and active members through token airdrops! Currently, we have an ongoing trading contest where 20 holders will share $10,000 worth of EVCoin tokens. Then we have our game, PeakXV, which is expected to add a lot of utility to the token! When you join our community, you’ll find out that there are many more benefits to holding EVCoin.” So said A On.

Near the end of this AMA, A On explained the value and significance of ambassadors in the project for users. EVCoin has an ambassador program, and as of now, many users in the EVCoin community and holders have become ambassadors! In addition to the official team of coin holders who are natural ambassadors, we are also looking for influential people to help us spread the word about the project.

We recommend joining EVCoin’s community, such as the official Telegram, Twitter and Instagram, to follow the latest news and project progress. users can buy EVCoin through several channels, in terms of DEX, such as PancakeSwap and RadioShack Swap. in terms of CEX, such as ZT Exchange, XT.com, Latoken and Coinsbit.

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