ZT Club talks to Li Ping, head of TitanDAOFund: Talking about the value of DAO project TITAN

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5 min readMay 21, 2022


In the current bear market, there are only a few Hot topics in the market, and the DAO field has also cooled down rapidly following the trend of the general market. However, some potential projects have seized the opportunity to start their own highlight moments, especially the performance of TitanDAOFund has made the market shine.

At May 20, 20:00, Singapore time, Li Ping, the head of TitanDAOFund meeting with CAGE, the business manager of ZT Club. He shared TitanDAO with users and discussed the value logic of TITAN in depth.

At the beginning of the live broadcast, Li Ping, the head of TitanDAOFund, first introduced the development process of TitanDAO from 0 to 1. TITAN is the first token in the history of the blockchain that was reborn through the community DAO after it collapsed due to a bank run. Similar to Luna’s recent death spiral.

TITANDAO is a global community of TITAN token holders working to make TITAN a $1 billion market cap token. The total amount of titan is 35 trillion, the TITANDAO community is burning TITAN to make it deflationary, and as the TITANDAO community continues to grow and build TITANVERSE, more TITAN will be burned.

“Compared with other DAO projects of the same type, the biggest difference between TITANDAO is that unlike most projects with a single goal, TITAN’s cultural genes lie in rebirth and unyielding. TITAN starts rebirth on a blank sheet of paper, and everyone can Empowering, showing a variety of possibilities, including games /NFTs /DAOFunds /universal income, etc.”Li Ping, head of TitanDAOFund, said so.

TITAN and LUNA have the same experience, and it is also the tragic story of algorithmic stablecoins that have returned to zero in the short term. The rebirth culture of LUNA and TITAN represents the earliest BTC. Under the double blow of the traditional financial circle + negative policies, it has returned to zero countless times, but it has returned to people’s field of vision countless times. Compared with LUNA, the advantages of TITAN are:

1.For DAO’s embrace, if Luna does not continue to be responsible for the team, LUNA will actually embark on the road of Titan. In this way, Titan is the originator of the death and rebirth of this type of well-known project, which is of great significance. There is no project party, it is a clean and pure DAO. At present, the basic governance framework of DAO has been formed, the global community has united and cooperated, and various ecosystems have begun to emerge.

2.Titan currently has a total market value of only 4 million US dollars through market games for nearly a year, which can be said to be a very low market value. However, its development concept is far from comparable to ordinary meme projects, and its prospects and imagination are huge.

Recently, the Titan DAO Chinese community released a casual mobile game called Titan Farm (corn farm) on the Polygon chain. Titan Farm is the first on-chain game of the Titan DAO Chinese community. In the context of the world food crisis, through the experience of the process of sowing and cultivation through games, it arouses everyone’s cherishing of food, saves food and avoids waste. At the same time, it will also increase the stickiness of the community through the interaction within the game, laying the foundation for building a community culture of harmony, mutual assistance and unity.

Li Ping, the head of TitanDAOFund, told everyone about the architecture of the TITANDAO ecosystem in 2022;

— TitanDAOFund

The DAO Fund is the practice of creating its own treasury on the basis of poverty. It is created and participated voluntarily by all community members, invests some high-quality currencies to bring benefits to community members, accumulates construction funds for the community, and allocates certain funds. The proceeds of burning TITAN lead to continued deflation of TITAN.

— Universal Income

Vitalik Buterin is very interested in the universal income system. Under his advocacy, the TitanDAO community is also willing to make more practices in this direction. Thanks to DAO Fund’s ability to earn income, we can easily use part of the income for the practice of universal income, which is also a road we are very interested in trying in the future.

— DAO governance is perfect

At present, most DAO organizations attach great importance to the improvement of governance mechanisms, and TitanDAO is no exception.

We will promote Snapshot’s proposal voting governance, respect the voice of all Titan token holders on important matters, and we hope to go ahead and contribute Titan’s experience and capabilities to the rise of other DAOs.

— Multi-chain

We have completed TITAN cross-chain to BSC and ETH so that we can expand our reach and tap into a new customer base outside of the Polygon chain.

— DeFi

The launch of the TITANDAO governance token will create opportunities for liquidity mining and staking previously provided through partners (ie DFYN, ComethSwap). We will launch other DeFi products, creating new use cases for TITAN.

— Club

The Chinese community’s Titan Farm (corn farm) game is our second game. Some future games will be launched under the TITANDAO organizational structure


We are developing two new series:

TITANPunkzReloaded and TITANGalacticGods

Li Ping, the head of TitanDAOFund, is full of infinite imagination about the future of TITAN. We have every reason to believe that TitanDAOFund will continue to develop unswervingly according to its original development intention and philosophy, build its own ecological territory in the DAO field, and have its own place.

At present, TITAN has been listed on the ZT exchange, You can pay more attention.

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